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the amazing gospel story

The ‘Amazing Gospel Story’ presents the ‘good news’ of God’s divine love and plan for humanity in fifty hand drawn pictures, images and symbols. 

Beginning with creation account, the story unfolds, image by image, picture by picture, through the ‘old covenant’ message to the life, teaching and works of Jesus, the outpouring of the Spirit and the ‘new life’ of the first followers and community of Jesus who spread the gospel across the Roman world. 

Whether you are someone exploring spirituality, faith or the gospel of Jesus, or if you are a follower of Jesus and want to grow more in your faith and knowledge of the gospel, or indeed if are a believer who wants to learn to share and teach the gospel message to others, then you should find this unique visual approach to presenting the gospel of great benefit, along with associated follow on course and printed resources.  

May it assist you in developing a greater understanding of the gospel, building a living faith in Jesus Christ, enabling spiritual renewal in your life and living as a disciple of Jesus.  

Patrick 🙂

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Amazing News ! 

god’s divine love and plan for everyone in the whole wide world

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AGS Video full message 01  (detailed) 

This message presents the ‘Amazing Gospel Story’, image by image, picture by picture, providing a simple explanation and easy to understand summary of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how to respond through a living faith leading to new spiritual life,  personal renewal and transformation. 

WARNING – this message is latent with power – when mixed with living faith it can be radically life changing 🙂 



AGS Follow On Course  (Coming Soon) 

This follow on course provides opportunity to go deeper into the gospel message via a series of individual lessons covering each section or chapter of the ‘Amazing Gospel Story’ with supportive scriptures, illuminating insights and life changing applications. 

Covering creation, the fall, the old covenant message, the life, teaching and works of Jesus, the out pouring of the Holy Spirit, new creation, the first community of Jesus and the life of discipleship. 

See Follow On Course  (Under Construction)