the amazing gospel story 


The ‘Amazing Gospel Story’ is a unique visual approach to communicating the gospel message in a simple, clear way, based on fifty hand drawn pictures, images and symbols, in eight sections or chapters.

This creative approach to presenting and teaching the gospel was developed, trialed and refined over a number of years of ministry in a diverse range of situations, needs and contexts, including international and cross-cultural settings.

What has emerged is a gospel message that is simple, easy to understand and use and has widespread application and potential for effective communication of the full gospel, to people of all ages, backgrounds, educations, religions, cultures, and ethnicities. 

The approach and resources are highly applicable in evangelism, teaching and discipleship training and can be used in multiple ways, for various means, and in a diversity of contexts and settings.

One Way - Road Sign
Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

A message for all

the gospel for everyone

The gospel is so amazing and its for everyone in the whole wide world. 

The objective of the ‘Amazing Gospel Story’ is to clearly communicate the ‘good news’ to as many people as possible, everywhere possible, offering them a simple, clear and easily understandable account of the gospel, providing a basis for further exploration and response in faith. 

The ‘Amazing Gospel Story’ has been designed and developed to present the essential elements of the gospel to people of all ages, backgrounds, educations, religions, cultures, and ethnicities via simple images, pictures and symbols. 

These images were designed to be, as far as possible, universally known and culturally neutral for global reach and cross cultural application. Picture by picture and image by image the ‘Amazing Gospel Story’ presents the unfolding story of God’s divine love and plan for humanity,  centering on the person, teaching and works of Jesus Christ.

See it, hear it, learn it, share it, live it. 

Come Follow Me
Jesus went on a journey – calling others to follow

A message to share

simple, Easy and effective 

The gospel is so amazing and its for everyone in the whole wide world. 

Every believer should be able to share the gospel message simply and clearly to anyone and everyone so that all can consider, explore and respond in faith to the wonderful gospel of Jesus. 

This is where the ‘Amazing Gospel Story’ can help. 

Drawing from experience in the field and significant interest and demand, the ‘Amazing Gospel Story’ approach has been developed into a range of resources to assist believers everywhere in their call to share the good news to all, and teach the foundations of faith and key aspects of discipleship to believers.  

Online resources include the AGS message and follow on course – (with future plans for online training in evangelism and discipleship), which can be used as an online resource for individuals, groups or churches..

Printed resources include books, booklets, posters, flyers (and the original ‘Amazing Gospel Story on a Page’), many of which are already being used by disciples around the world to teach and minister to others. 


Pouring Out Holy Spirit
Jesus poured out the Holy Spirit – a full measure


Developer Illustrator Author 

The ‘Amazing Gospel Story’ was developed, designed, illustrated and authored by Patrick. 

Patrick lives and works in Ireland (of course) and is active in ministry of the gospel there and beyond. 

He is passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus, discipleship life and simple faith communities all toward advancing the kingdom in our day.

Patrick is also active and interested in sustainability and issues of poverty, equality development and social justice. 

If you would like to connect, partner, support or be further informed about Patrick in his ministry, please see the website link below for further information and contact details.

Patrick’s Mission Website 

Celtic Tri Spiral
Harmony – God   Humanity   Creation