follow on course 

under construction – coming soon 

Currently in development …. 

This follow on course provides opportunity to go deeper into the gospel message via a series of individual lessons covering each section or chapter of the ‘Amazing Gospel Story’ with supportive scriptures, illuminating insights and life changing applications. 

Covering creation, the fall, the old covenant message, the life, teaching and works of Jesus, the out pouring of the Holy Spirit, new creation, the first community of Jesus and the life of discipleship. 

See it, hear it, learn it, share it, live it. 


introduction and overview  

Lesson 1  

gods original plan  

Lesson 2  

the fall and its impacts 

Lesson 3 

the old way 

Lesson 4 

jesus begins

Lesson 5 

jesus works

Lesson 6

jesus lives

Lesson 7

the new way begins

Lesson 8

the first disciples 

revew and actions

taking it further